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  1. What with Magnum, PI now available on Netflix, we've been watching the whole series over again. And yes, we're back on season 7. Season 6 was probably the weakest, so it's nice to get back to some solid episodes. We watched Death and Taxes last night, creepy episode. That's one that I distinctly remember from the original run of the show.
  2. I was watching an episode of Magnum, PI and one of the guest stars looked very familiar. Turns out it was Christine Belford. She played Sheila Redman in The Beast In The Black. I found out an interesting little tidbit about her. She lived in the Amityville Horror house for five years before her parents sold it to the DeFeo family. Creepy, huh?
  3. Random, gratuitous, and fun! Post pics of Robert Culp here!
  4. I loved this episode, one of my favorites of the ones I've seen. The murder plot was incredibly complex, thought up by a member of the Sigma Society (high IQ organization like Mensa), and not only did Columbo crack it, but he set the murderer up to give himself away. Excellent acting by Theodore Bikel (who was actually a member of Mensa). It also guest starred Sorrell Booke (Boss Hogg in Dukes of Hazzard) in a short (and delightful) turn as the murder victim, Bertie Hastings.
  5. MeTV will be airing a marathon tribute to Davy Jones featuring his many appearances on tv, including the Monkees, starting at 12:30pm on Sunday, March 4th.
  6. The Monkees react to Davy Jone's death: http://www.eonline.com/news/monkees_react_davy_jones_death_mike/297814 Michael Nesmith's statement was especially moving.
  7. I just learned the sad news that Davy Jones passed away from an apparent heart attack. I was just watching Monkees videos online last night. Davy may have been small in stature, but he left a big impact with his role in the Monkees. Below are some of my favorite Monkees videos featuring Davy as lead singer. [video=youtube;e9GfsEl-vZs]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9GfsEl-vZs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCOANBcCqR0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=421BcPQe6dM
  8. Some more great Lost In Space Fan Fiction: Reflections: After crash landing on an Earthlike Planet, the Robinson's, Major West, and Doctor Smith, find themselves considering their futures. What's To Become of Doctor Smith?: Smith wakes up from a bout of alien flu to find that the Jupiter 2 has landed on an unknown planet, the Robot is incapacitated, and the Robinsons and Major West appear to have been taken by force. Can Smith find them and rescue them?
  9. I watched Death Lends A Hand tonight. Haven't watched it in ages. It guest stars Robert Culp and Ray Milland. Some highlights: The excellent montage where clips of the murder are reflected in the murderer's (Culp's) glasses. Columbo asking the golf pro for lessons, talking through the whole thing, and then crushing the ball like a golf pro, much to the amazement of the pro. When Ray Milland's character discusses the good fortune that the murderer's car wouldn't start, Columbo soon after mentions tricks the guys in his neighborhood used to play, such as stuffing potatoes in tailpipes, leaving Milland to wonder if he had something to do with it. What are your favorite moments from this episode?
  10. Today, February 1st, is Bill Mumy's birthday. I have thoroughly enjoyed his work over the years, from Anthony in The Twilight Zone to Will Robinson (my favorite) in Lost In Space to Lennier in Babylon 5. Happy Birthday, Bill!
  11. In remembrance of Dick Tufeld's passing this month, I'm starting this thread of favorite Lost In Space Robot lines. Feel free to add your own. "Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!" "I will be incinerated. You will just look silly hanging by your toes in space!" "Warning! Warning! Alien approaching!" "That does not compute!"
  12. I put together a fan video in tribute to Dr. Smith. Visit this thread for more details and to view it.
  13. I've put together an interesting little video of Dr. Smith's strange adventures set to the tune of Strange Things from Toy Story. I hope you all enjoy it!
  14. Oscar Madison from The Odd Couple and Al Bundy from Married With Children both attended James K. Polk High School.
  15. I still hold out hope he somehow survived. Maybe Scotty beamed him out in time!? LOL.
  16. It appears that the Priceline Negotiator is no more. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O92ZbSAftuI
  17. How could I forget Dr. Zachary Smith from Lost In Space? And a new one... Artie Nielsen from Warehouse 13. Just started getting into that show.
  18. Whenever my husband sees Robert Culp, he teases me by saying "He's soooo dreamyyyy..." Unfazed, I just reply "Yup!" LOL.
  19. Imported Group Gallery - Robert Culp Fans
  20. Imported Group Gallery - Lost In Space Fans
  21. Here is a pic of the actors that brought the Robot to life. Dick Tufeld is on the left and Bob May (who passed away in 2009) is on the right.
  22. Dick Tufeld had an unmistakeable voice. For those of you who are Lost In Space fans, you'll recognize it as the voice of the Robot. Unfortunately, that voice has been silenced, though his work lives on for fans to enjoy. Dick Tufeld died today at the age of 85. [ATTACH=CONFIG]11[/ATTACH]
  23. "As they say down at the post office, 'here's looking up your address'." Norm Peterson: Looks like Cupid just shot an arrow through Carla's heart. Cliff Clavin: When did Carla get a heart? [plotting how to escape from a mad gunman holding them hostage] Cliff Clavin: Ah, I got it. How about I sob uncontrollably and lose control of my bodily functions? Norm Peterson: Cliff, is that a plan? Cliff Clavin: No, actually it's more of a warning.
  24. I love this episode of Twilight Zone. A couple arrives in Las Vegas after the wife wins a vacation there in a contest. The husband, Franklin, goes along despite the fact he feels gambling is immoral. He ends up winning a small jackpot when a drunk gives him a silver dollar and forces him to put it into the machine. From then on, he's caught "the fever". He "hears" the machine haunting him, calling to him... "Fraaaaankliiiinn" and ends up obsessively gambling most of their savings away. My husband and I occasionally go to casinos for fun, we know the odds of us winning are slim. Still, when one of us gets a little too serious about it, the other will call out "Fraaaaankliiin" in that creepy voice and we know to tone it down. LOL! [ATTACH=CONFIG]10[/ATTACH]
  25. Some more Lost In Space fan fiction I'd recommend: The Lost In Space Australia Fan Club has a fan fiction page (that includes the stories posted above): http://www.lisa.org.au/fanstuff.htm I particularly like Lorie's stories: Fur Ball - What happens when the crew of the Jupiter 2 discovers a cruise liner in space? A vacation they'll never forget! Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 Pot Shot - This story puts Major West and Dr. Smith together in a tale of survival. Do they make it out alive or do they kill each other first? You've got about 50/50 odds on that one. The Search For Justice - Someone on the Jupiter 2 pays the ultimate penalty in the search for galactic justice. Chapters: 1 | 2
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