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  1. Identical twins, one a chef and one a banker, murder their rich uncle for the inheritance.
  2. Two chess grandmasters, Emmitt Clayton and Tomlin Dudek, play an impromptu game the night before a big match. When Clayton loses, he decides to murder Dudek by shoving him into a garbage compactor, but being deaf, doesn't realize the compactor's safety feature turns it off when something heavy enters. Clayton learns that Dudek survived and plans to poison him in the hospital before he awakens.
  3. Two doctors have pioneered a major medical breakthrough in cardiac surgery. One, Dr. Mayfield, wants to publish immediately, but the other, Dr. Hiedemann, wants further testing. When Dr. Hiedemann's heart condition worsens, Dr. Mayfield sees his chance to murder the man that stands in his way by performing the required heart surgery himself with dissolving sutures. His nurse discovers his plot, so he murders her too and makes it look like a mugging perpetrated by her drug addicted ex-boyfriend.
  4. An aging star feels threatened by the fiance of her personal assistant, an author writing a tell-all book about her. She schemes to kill the author, but accidentally kills her assistant instead. Columbo discovers the connection between this murder and the mysterious disappearance of the actress' husband years before.
  5. When Sir Roger Havershame realizes that he has been manipulated into funding a theater production, he confronts the actors responsible and is killed accidentally during the argument. The couple haul his body to his estate and stage an accident to make it look like he died in a fall down the stairs. Columbo, who is in London to learn investigative techniques as a guest of Scotland Yard, becomes involved in the case.
  6. The general manager of an LA football team schemes to get control of the team for himself by killing the current owner, a man who inherited the team and lacks any interest in it.
  7. An uncle (Ray Milland) and nephew stage the nephew's kidnapping to break his trust fund. But, the uncle kills the nephew once the ransom is paid and attempts to frame his nephew's wife for the murder.
  8. The mistress of the conductor of the L.A. Philharmonic insists on going public with their affair, so he murders her and makes it look like a suicide.
  9. When the millionaire funding architect Elliot Markham's project threatens to withdraw funding, Markham murders him, then makes it look like he's on a long trip.
  10. When his uncle blackmails him and takes over the family company, Roger murders him with a box of exploding cigars.
  11. An heiress murders her brother, making it look like an accident, in order to gain control of the family company.
  12. The owner of one of the world's most valuable art collections is murdered by his nephew, art critic Dale Kingston, who then frames his aunt.
  13. When a war hero's accomplice in embezzlement decides to flee the country because the authorities are investigating, the General murders him to ensure his silence. The murder is witnessed from a boat by an easily manipulated young woman, whom the General tries to make doubt what she saw.
  14. The CEO of a private security company tries his hand at blackmail, but his plan backfires when his victim, a publisher's wife, threatens to expose him and he accidentally kills her during a heated exchange.
  15. When the more talented writer in a murder mystery writing team wants to call it quits, the less talented partner decides to murder him instead.
  16. An attorney fakes the kidnapping of her husband, kills him, and keeps the ransom money. She's able to fool the FBI, but not Lt. Columbo.
  17. A prominent psychiatrist uses one of his patients, with whom he's having an affair, to murder his wife. Befuddled Lt. Columbo investigates.
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