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  1. I don't know about you, but I don't need 3 hours of Leave It To Beaver a day (Sorry, LITB fans! But I don't!) And where did Offbeat Cinema go?! Not sure I like this new line-up, but at least Magnum's still around. I just wish our cable company would update their on-screen guide listings! I have no clue what's on anymore.
  2. Paper War is one of my favorite episodes of season 7, if not the entire Magnum PI series. I'm a sucker for "practical joke one-upmanship gone too far" type episodes. LOL. Though, I'd have to say, blowing up the Bridge Over the River Kwai was crossing the line... How many times has Higgins rebuilt that thing? LOL.
  3. Welcome, Georgshadow! I'd have to agree and say Schultz is my favorite too, with Klink and Newkirk coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively.
  4. So, I've been watching Match Game videos again... Pretty funny stuff. Here's an unintentionally Fannie Flagg blooper. (Yes, hilarity ensues.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNgOLhhs1sc And Fannie falls in love... Go to commercial!! LOL.
  5. I was searching for Gunsmoke video clips online and ran across these Gunsmoke bloopers. Check out the Gunsmoke Gag Reel! I love the line where James Arness says "I'd advise him to leave town... on the next plane." LOL. What's your favorite Gunsmoke blooper?
  6. The great thing about these nonsense lyrics is that you can make up your own as long as they seem to fit. This is what I got out of it... I'm married to the bunch, an' uh, it's the best thing I ever had. Still through the morning and I rock 'em all dead, uh huh. I said, "Good punch! And, uh, I'd had a beer in hand-a." I said-a "Do it to it!" And I'm cruisin' on Ned, uh huh.
  7. I totally agree! It borders on blasphemy for tv fans. I was watching a few Greatest American Hero episodes a few weeks ago on dvd and realized that the songs had been replaced! Needless to say, I was more than a bit peeved. I even had a friend who'd also watched ask me why the title of the song was mentioned when that was obviously not the song that was playing! I had to explain the whole issue with Anchor Bay not paying for the rights to the songs. I would pay extra to get unaltered versions of the episodes. Do these companies not realize that we want the show as it aired, not something less? I would even forego any dvd bonuses/extras they'd want to add if they just took that money and put it into making sure the episodes were presented in their original form, music and all.
  8. Ever wonder what the lyrics to the WKRP closing credits were? Well, wonder no more! This video animations explains it all!
  9. I was browsing through YouTube the other day and I ran across some great old clips from the game show The Match Game. I seriously laughed til I cried. There's nothing more entertaining than getting a bunch of celebrities together and letting them adlib, especially when spurred on by the equally entertaining host giving them suggestive questions and statements to build off of. Leprechauns BLANK in the woods
  10. I agree, the love triangle subplot took away from the main plot and convoluted things. They had a good thing going with the bug-eyed creepiness and the abject fear caused by the radio isotope rain. The intensity of the episode was watered down by the attempt at romantic tragedy. It was distracting to say the least.
  11. Please follow the following guidelines when posting your fan fiction to this forum. We may change these guidelines from time to time. If we feel a story is inappropriate, we will remove it. 1. Please keep the stories rated PG-13 and under. Do not post links to stories with ratings higher than PG-13. 2. Be sure to include any warnings for violence, language, etc. at the beginning of the story. 3. Do not post any stories that are not your original work. Plagiarism is not acceptable. 4. Do not use other fan fiction authors' original characters in your stories without permission. Have fun!
  12. Sunday, Monday, Happy Days. Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days. Thursday, Friday, Happy Days. The weekend comes, My cycle hums, Ready to race to you. These days are ours, Happy and Free. (Those Happy Days) These days are ours, Share them with me. (oh baby) Goodbye grey sky, hello blue. There's nothing can hold me when I hold you. Feels so right, it can't be wrong. Rockin' and rollin' all week long. Sunday, Monday, Happy Days. Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days. Thursday, Friday, Happy Days. Saturday, What a day, Groovin' all week with you. These days are ours, Share them with me. (Those Happy Days) These days are ours, Happy and Free. (oh baby) These Happy Days are your's and mine. These Happy Days are your's and mine, Happy Days. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLt7clQbBzo
  13. Post all your favorite tv characters in this thread and when we get enough responses, we'll put together a poll for everyone to vote on. Feel free to post more than once if you think of more characters!
  14. Watch the F-Troop opening at AOL Video The end of the Civil War was near When quite accidentally, A hero who sneezed abruptly ceased Retreat and reversed it to victory. His medal of honor pleased and thrilled his proud little family group. While pinning it on some blood was spilled And so it was planned he'd command F Troop. Where Indian fights are colorful sights and nobody takes a lickin' Where pale face and redskin Both turn chicken. When drilling and fighting get them down, They know their morale can't droop. As long as they all relax in town Before they resume with a bang and a boom F Troop.
  15. Yes, Lt. Gerard was very Javert-like in his determination and pursuit of Dr. Richard Kimble. Nice comparison!
  16. We just discovered a new station in our area. It's called Retro TV Network (RTN). We love it! We've been catching re-runs of Get Smart, Hogan's Heroes, Magnum P.I., and a lot more. It's a classic tv lover's dream! It's kind of like TVLand, but with a lot less of the annoying "new, original" shows TVLand puts out. To check out what shows they offer and if it's available in your area, check out the RTNVille website.
  17. If you are a fan of an actor or actress that is not listed here, post in our Suggestion Forum if you'd like to see a forum for them. The Suggestion Forum is located here: http://www.fanforums.tv/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=7
  18. Does your post not fit in a particular tv show forum? Not sure where to post? Post it here and we'll figure out where your post goes. Just consider this the "Miscellaneous" forum.
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