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  1. Check out all the events in TV history on June 3rd, like TV show debuts and actor birthdays.
  2. The MeTV Winter 2019 Schedule is out. Check out the particulars here .
  3. We posted a new article featuring twenty interesting facts about Charlie's Angels. Read 20 Interesting Facts About Charlie's Angels Were you surprised by any of them? Leave us some comments!
  4. A famous photographer is tired of his wife and wants her out of the way so he can be with his mistress. He plots to stage her murder like a bungled kidnapping, but Columbo isn't fooled.
  5. When the franchisee of a health club chain discovers the founder, Milo Janus, is cheating him. To keep him from going to authorities, Milo murders his partner, making it look like an accident in the gym.
  6. The Deputy Commissioner provides an alibi for a wife killer and blackmails him into helping with the murder of his own millionaire wife.
  7. Gospel singer Tommy Brown (Johnny Cash) stages the murder of his wife to look like an airplane crash, but Columbo isn't fooled.
  8. When a scientist employed at a government institute threatens to explose plagiarism by a fellow scientist, the plagiarist's father, a director of a Pentagon Think Tank, kills the potential whistle-blower to protect his son.
  9. To keep one of his most prolific authors from leaving for another publisher, publisher Riley Greenleaf hires a bomb enthusiast to kill him, then kills the hired killer with one of his own bombs.
  10. Motivation research specialist, Dr. Bart Keppel, is an expert in subliminal advertising, but has a very lucrative sideline in blackmail. When one of his victims refuses to be blackmailed and threatens to expose him, Dr. Keppel uses subliminal cuts to lure his victim to his doom and frames the victim's wife.
  11. Candidate for Senate, Nelson Hayward, kills his campaign manager and makes it look like he (Nelson) was the target of a botched mob hit.
  12. When a wine connoisseur's half-brother wants to sell the family winery to pay off his gambling debts, he kills him to prevent the sale.
  13. Beauty Mark founder Viveca Scott is threatened by a rival who ultimately pirates her revolutionary wrinkle cream. So, she kills him to protect her company.
  14. Identical twins, one a chef and one a banker, murder their rich uncle for the inheritance.
  15. Two chess grandmasters, Emmitt Clayton and Tomlin Dudek, play an impromptu game the night before a big match. When Clayton loses, he decides to murder Dudek by shoving him into a garbage compactor, but being deaf, doesn't realize the compactor's safety feature turns it off when something heavy enters. Clayton learns that Dudek survived and plans to poison him in the hospital before he awakens.
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