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The Tarnished Badge


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Just caught an episode of Gunsmoke guest starring Victor French, William Katt, and Nick Nolte. It was called the The Tarnished Badge. It's an excellent episode, I've seen it before. Victor French plays a sheriff who rules his little town with an iron fist, total control freak. The town lives in fear of him and when Marshall Dillon comes to town, the townsfolk ask him to enforce the towns' decision to remove the sheriff. The sheriff doesn't appreciate this and comes back to wreak havoc on the town, including killing the new sheriff, a newlywed.


I won't spoil the rest of the episode, but you should catch it!

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Glad I found this site! I'm a Gunsmoke fan.


I remember that episode. I figured out the "twist" at the end before it happened. One of the characters gave a pretty good clue. I won't give it away here though, for those who want to watch the episode themselves. :)

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