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  1. Levon

    Chester or Festus

    Hi all! I'm new to this forum. I see there's not a lot of activity in the Gunsmoke forums, unfortunately, but maybe eventually other people will join us. So, I have a question for you Gunsmoke fans out there. Which deputy did you like best? Chester Goode or Festus Haggen? I'll go first. Festus was my favorite. Ken Curtis just made the character so likable. I think the dynamic between Curtis and Arness was so much better.
  2. Levon

    The Tarnished Badge

    Glad I found this site! I'm a Gunsmoke fan. I remember that episode. I figured out the "twist" at the end before it happened. One of the characters gave a pretty good clue. I won't give it away here though, for those who want to watch the episode themselves.

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