MeTV Winter 2019 Schedule Preview

We’ve found a preview of the new MeTV schedule and it looks like it will be changing starting January 28th, 2019. There appear to be very few changes and most of those are on the Saturday night schedule.

MeTV Schedule Changes

Monday – Friday

The 5am and 5:30am slots on Monday through Friday will change from Peter Gunn and The Donna Reed Show to Night Gallery and ALF. The Friday slot will continue to run Petticoat Junction.

Saturday / Sunday

The 6am/6:30am slots will change from Petticoat Junction to Beverly Hillbillies. The 7am/7:30a slots will change from Beverly Hillbillies to Green Acres.

There are a few changes to the Red Eye Sci-Fi Schedule as well. Star Trek: The Original Series is back, taking over the midnight slot from Battlestar Galactica. Once again, all the Irwin Allen properties are on the schedule as Swamp Thing is being replaced by Time Tunnel.

Sunday / Monday

Mystery Hunters takes over the 7am/7:30am slots. Mr. Lucky is being removed from the early Monday slot at 5am and Night Gallery is sliding up half an hour earlier to take that slot. ALF takes over the 5:30am slot previously occupied by Night Gallery.

You can check out the new schedule here. This is just a preview and it’s possible the schedule could change before January 28th, so check back!

For the latest MeTV Schedule, please click here.