Star Trek

Star Trek

Star Trek follows the adventures of the crew of the USS Enterprise on their five-year mission (cut short by 2 years by tv execs). Weekly, they run across new aliens, diplomatic situations, and ethical dilemmas in the most successful sci-fi tv show in history.

Network: NBC
Broadcast: 1966-1969

Broadcast History

We don't have a broadcast history for this show yet.


William ShatnerCaptain James T. Kirk
Leonard NimoySpock
DeForest KelleyDr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy
NIchelle NicholsLt. Uhura
James DoohanMontgomery (Scotty) Scott

Regulars & Guest Stars

Eddie PaskeyLt. Leslie / Guard / Trooper / Eminiar Guard /
Crewman / Connors / Lt. Ryan / William Shatner's stand-in
George TakeiSulu
Walter KoenigChekov
Majel BarrettNumber One / Nurse Christine Chapel / Computer voice
Grace Lee WhitneyYeoman Janice Rand
Barbara BabcockZetar / Philana / Cmdr. Loskene / Beta 5 Computer / Isis / Mea 3 / Trelane's mother

Theme Song / Opening Credits


There were 3 seasons and 80 episodes of Star Trek. We have not completed an episode guide for this show yet.


There are tubes in the hallways of the Enterprise marked “GNDN”, which stands for “goes nowhere, does nothing”.


Dr. McCoy: He's dead, Jim.

Dr. McCoy: I'm a doctor, not an engineer.

Spock: Live long and prosper.


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