The Beverly Hillbillies

The Beverly Hillbillies is a classic “fish out of water” story. Jed Clampett discovers oil, “Texas Tea”, on his property and sells the rights to drill for a fortune. The suddenly wealthy Clampett clan move from their humble home to an opulent Beverly Hills mansion. Not surprisingly, the family’s simple ways clash with the sophistication and superficiality of their new community. Many of the stories center around the family’s longing to return to their simple life in the mountains and their banker, Mr. Drysdale, attempting to keep them there and their money in his bank.

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Network: CBS Broadcast: 1962-1971First Broadcast: September 26, 1962 Last Broadcast: March 23, 1971

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Buddy EbsenJed Clampett
Donna DouglasElly May Clampett
Irene RyanDaisy Moses
Max Baer, Jr.Jethro Bodine
Raymond BaileyMilburn Drysdale
Nancy KulpJane Hathaway

Regulars & Guest Stars

Bea BenaderetCousin Pearl Bodine

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There were 9 seasons and 274 episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies. We do not have an episode guide for this show yet.


Within 3 weeks of its debut, The Beverly Hillbillies rose to number one in the ratings. That is quicker than any other tv show in history and that feat is still unmatched.
The show remained #1 for two straight years.
The entire first season and the first 19 episodes of the second season are in the public domain. CBS neglected to renew the copyrights when they purchased the rights to the series upon its cancellation.


Jed Clampett: Well doggies!
Granny: Elly May done popped the buttons off her shirt again. Jed Clampett: Elly May carries herself proud with her shoulders throwed back. Granny: It ain’t her shoulders that have been poppin’ these buttons.


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