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Hogan's Heroes Movie?


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It's long been rumored that there is a Hogan's Heroes movie in the works. The only news I've been able to dig up is this article about a possible Hogan's Heroes movie with Russell Crowe from 2001. Apparently, before Crowe, Mel Gibson was slated to do the movie, but it looks like for now the possible remake is in Hollywood limbo.


If anybody out there has any new or better info, feel free to share with us!

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I really hope there isn't a movie. The movies of old TV shows that I've seen, like Bewitched and Get Smart, weren't really all the great. I'm really worried about how the new Star Trek one's gonna be, and if they make one of Hogan's Heroes, I think it would turn out just as bad.


Of course, I am really picky when it comes to movies, though. But I just don't think they're very good.

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