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The Creeping Terror...it's problem with women

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I just saw this the other day, and overall I love the comments by Mike and the bots. Everyone in this movie is so completely inept if they can't even get away from a carpet monster that moves at about half a mile an hour. Unfortunately though this movie seems to take a dim view on women. At every attack, a woman is almost always the victim, and she is usually helped along to her doom by her "significant other" male friend. The first victim, a bikini clad babe making out with her boyfriend, is noteworthy simply because the director seemed to want to get his jollies by filming a barely covered woman being sucked into the monster's mouth, albeit with great difficulty by the monster. Her boyfriend, a real hero, simply abandons her on the towel and doesn't bother to help her run away with him. Next, we have a housewife, who not only neglects her child, but gets eaten while ignoring his cries and hanging laundry outside. Take away from that what you want. Finally, the most ludicrous scene involves the dance hall attack. It seems that not only does the director seek to portray brutality against women in graphic detail (i.e. the man who flings a woman around and subsequently rips her top off), but he also wishes for the men to use them as shields as the monster attacks. One dance hall patron simply uses his wife/girlfriend as a stumbling block to the monster by pushing her in front of it, and then he himself becomes its next victim after it finishes with her. One scene that Mike and the bots did not pick up on, probably because it happens so fast, is the monster's attack on the second car in lover's lane. A woman who had been previously making out with her man, finds herself slammed against the passenger side door of the car by her lover! (the same side of the car the monster is attacking incidentally) This must have knocked her out, since her body is only seen again when the monster succeeds in ejecting both bodies from the vehicle. Yes, we have some real heroes in this movie, and thankfully I do not recall any other movies put into production by this miserable producer. This would've been just another cheesy monster movie flick if it had not been for the gratuitous amount of violence against women in it. Kudos to Mike and the bots for taking this one on, because if I were to have watched it without them I'm certain it would've made me ill.

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