“Gilligan’s Island” Star Dawn Wells Turns To Fans For Help

In 2008, Gilligan’s Island star Dawn Wells found herself in a situation many other Americans did. With the financial crash, her finances were nearly wiped out. Nine years later, the actress many know better as Mary Ann Summers was hit with misfortune again. She underwent surgery that almost killed her. Then, shortly thereafter, she fell and broke her knee. She had to spend two months in the hospital recovering. Needless to say, her medical bills were staggering, nearing $200,000.

Unfortunately, back when she was making Gilligan’s Island, actors didn’t have the deals with residuals that they do today. Acting jobs can be few and far between and even a few years on a series won’t set you up for life. Dawn is not a millionaire. She turns 80 years old next month. Right now, she needs to move to a smaller and more manageable living situation. Her dear friend started a GoFundMe campaign to help her pay her medical bills and get her settled into a comfortable living space. If you’d like to donate, please do. If you can’t donate, but want to help, please share this with others to help get the word out.

Update! Her GoFundMe campaign was fully funded on September 9, 2018. Thanks for the support!