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  1. Eric777

    Favorite Episode

    What's anyone favorite episode? Mine is Grandma USA.
  2. Eric777

    New Forums

    Gimme A Break Harper Valley
  3. Eric777

    I Knew Nell

    I knew Nell Carter very well. Very sweet person. She left us way too soon.
  4. Eric777

    I Knew Nell

  5. Eric777

    I Knew Nell

    In Reno after her shows.
  6. Eric777

    New Forums

    Thought of more tv. Mama's Family The Nanny The Lucy Show Leave It To Beaver The Munsters
  7. Eric777

    Match Game Moments

    I was in the audience on the 98 remake.
  8. Eric777

    Harper Valley

    Actually I like the second season the best when it was called Harper Valley. It's my all time favorite tv show. Favorite episode The Return Of Charlie's Chow Palace.
  9. Eric777

    Anyone Here

    Where is everybody? Let's start posting about Lucy.
  10. Eric777

    Anyone Here

    Lucy Gets In Pictures.

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