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  1. "If I could make myself less attractive to hot, young women, don't you think I'd do it?"
  2. "Whatever hell on Earth we find on the other side of that door, let’s remember one thing. PROTECT THE GRAY TRANS AM!"
  3. Tonight, I watched an episode of Batman with John Astin as the Riddler. Sorry, John, but you're no Frank Gorshin. I liked Gorshin's take on the Riddler, much more manic. Astin's Riddler reminded me of the Purple Pieman from Strawberry Shortcake.
  4. I'm also a Dan Stark fan (The Good Guys), Cliff Clavin from Cheers. I love a lot of the ones already listed. Some I didn't see listed yet, Dwight Schrute and Michael Scott from The Office.
  5. I recently found another retro type network... Antenna TV. Kind of ironic, given that antennas don't work for tv anymore. Maybe that was the point to the name. Old time-y tv. "Vintage, without the funny smell." LOL.
  6. Those were great! I love the original Star Trek bloopers too. I wish they had better quality though. My favorite is the one with McCoy and Chapel. They're stumbling back and forth in sick bay because the ship is being rocked by something, and McCoy's holding onto Chapel's chest from behind. ROFLMAO.
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