In January of 1966, “Batman” starring Adam West (as Bruce Wayne/Batman) and Burt Ward (as Bruce’s “youthful ward” Dick Grayson/Robin) debuted. The campy parody of the Caped Crusader was an instant success, ranking in the top 10 and gave its competitors, “The Virginian” and “Lost In Space”, a run for their money. This fact is astounding given that, at the time, the show received the worst audience test scores in the history of ABC. The only reason it made it to air is because ABC had already invested so much money in it. Since then, it has become a popular classic that is often referred to as Batman ’66 to distinguish it from other incarnations.

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Broadcast History

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Network: ABC Broadcast: 1966-1968 First Broadcast: January 12, 1966 Last Broadcast: March 14, 1968
Jan 1966 – Aug 1967Wed/Thur 7:30-8:00pm
Sep 1967 – Mar 1968Thur 7:30-8:00pm
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Adam WestBruce Wayne / Batman
Burt WardDick Grayson / Robin
Alan NapierAlfred / Egbert
Neil HamiltonCommissioner Gordon
Stafford ReppChief O’Hara

Regulars & Guest Stars

Madge BlakeMrs. Harriet Cooper
Yvonne CraigBatgirl / Barbara Gordon
Cesar RomeroThe Joker
Burgess MeredithThe Penguin
Julie NewmarCatwoman
Byron KeithMayor Linseed
Frank GorshinThe Riddler
Victor BuonoKing Tut
David LewisWarden Crichton
Vincent PriceEgghead

Theme Song / Opening Credits


There were 3 seasons and 120 episodes of Batman ’66. Check out the Batman ’66 episode guide.


Robins exclamations of “Holy…” were used a total 352 times, from “Holy agility” to “Holy Zorro”.


Batman: To the Batmobile!
Robin: Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed.


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