Beverly Hillbillies Mansion Is For Sale

UPDATE! Well, doggies! The Beverly Hillbillies mansion sold for the highest price ever in California, $150 million! It’s not the full asking price, but $150 million is nothing to sneeze at.

Beverly Hillbillies MansionYou could move into Jed Clampett’s old house, but it’ll cost you a cool $350 million. The Beverly Hillbillies mansion is for sale. Sumner Spaulding designed the mansion, named Chartwell, for a developer as a gift to his wife in 1933. Unfortunately, the developer’s wife hated the opulence of it and they never moved in. I guess that was good news for the Clampetts!

The house covers an impressive 22,000 square feet on 10.3 acres of land. The opening credits of The Beverly Hillbillies contained shots of the mansion’s exterior. The house boasts an enormous temperature controlled wine cellar, a ballroom, and a formal salon. Surrounding the house are manicured gardens, tennis courts, panoramic views, and of course, a cee-ment pond. That’s a pool for you city slickers. A 5,700 square foot guest house also sits on the property, as well as covered parking for 40 cars.

The previous owner, media tycoon A. Jerrold Perenchio, became involved in Tandem Productions in the 1970’s with Norman Lear and Bud Yorkin. Together, they developed the sitcoms All in the Family, Diff’rent Strokes, Sanford and Son, Maude, and The Facts of Life. Perenchio passed away in May 2017.