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List of Batman Episodes

1966-1968, 3 Seasons, 120 Episodes, Starring: Adam West, Burt Ward, Alan Napier, Neil Hamilton, Stafford Rep, Madge Blake, Yvonne Craig, Cesar Romero, Burgess Meredith, Frank Gorshin, Julie Newmar

Season One

Episode #TitleAir DateGuest StarsDescriptionWatch Online/Buy
S1, Ep 1Hi Diddle Riddle1/12/66Frank Gorshin, Jill St. JohnBatman tries to figure out what the Riddler's scheme is when he sues Batman.Amazon
S1, Ep 2Smack in the Middle1/13/66Frank Gorshin, Jill St. JohnThe Riddler's henchwoman dresses like Robin, infiltrates the Bat Cave, and tries to Batman.Amazon
S1, Ep 3Fine Feathered Finks1/19/66Amazon
S1, Ep 4The Penguin's a Jinx1/20/66
S1, Ep 5The Joker Is Wild1/26/66
S1, Ep 6Batman Is Riled1/27/66
S1, Ep 7Instant Freeze2/2/66
S1, Ep 8Rats Like Cheese2/3/66
S1, Ep 9Zelda the Great2/9/66
S1, Ep 10A Death Worse Than Fate2/10/66
S1, Ep 11A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away2/16/66
S1, Ep 12When the Rat's Away, the Mice Will Play2/17/66
S1, Ep 13The Thirteenth Hat2/23/66
S1, Ep 14Batman Stands Pat2/24/66
S1, Ep 15The Joker Goes to School3/2/66
S1, Ep 16He Meets His Match, the Grisly Ghoul3/3/66
S1, Ep 17True or False Face3/9/66
S1, Ep 18Holy Rat Race3/10/66
S1, Ep 19The Purr-fect Crime3/16/66
S1, Ep 20Better Luck Next Time3/17/66
S1, Ep 21The Penguin Goes Straight3/23/66
S1, Ep 22Not Yet, He Ain't3/24/66
S1, Ep 23The Ring of Wax3/30/66
S1, Ep 24Give 'Em the Axe3/31/66
S1, Ep 25The Joker Trumps an Ace4/6/66
S1, Ep 26Batman Sets the Pace4/7/66
S1, Ep 27The Curse of Tut4/13/66
S1, Ep 28The Pharaoh's in a Rut4/14/66
S1, Ep 29The Bookworm Turns4/20/66
S1, Ep 30While Gotham City Burns4/21/66
S1, Ep 31Death in Slow Motion4/27/66
S1, Ep 32The Riddler's False Notion4/28/66
S1, Ep 33Fine Finny Fiends5/4/66
S1, Ep 34Batman Makes the Scenes5/5/66

Season Two

Episode #TitleAir DateGuest StarsDescriptionWatch Online/Buy
S2, Ep 1Shoot a Crooked Arrow9/7/66
S2, Ep 2Walk the Straight and Narrow9/8/66
S2, Ep 3Hot Off the Griddle9/14/66
S2, Ep 4The Cat and the Fiddle9/15/66
S2, Ep 5The Minstrel's Shakedown9/21/66
S2, Ep 6Barbecued Batman?9/22/66
S2, Ep 7The Spell of Tut9/28/66
S2, Ep 8Tut's Case Is Shut9/29/66
S2, Ep 9The Greatest Mother of Them All10/5/66
S2, Ep 10Ma Parker10/6/66
S2, Ep 11The Clock King's Crazy Crimes10/12/66
S2, Ep 12The Clock King Gets Crowned10/13/66
S2, Ep 13An Egg Grows in Gotham10/19/66
S2, Ep 14The Yegg Foes in Gotham10/20/66
S2, Ep 15The Devil's Fingers10/26/66
S2, Ep 16The Dead Ringers10/27/66
S2, Ep 17Hizzonner the Penguin11/2/66
S2, Ep 18Dizzoner the Penguin11/3/66
S2, Ep 19Green Ice11/9/66
S2, Ep 20Deep Freeze11/10/66
S2, Ep 21The Impractical Joker11/16/66
S2, Ep 22The Joker's Provokers11/17/66
S2, Ep 23Marsha, Queen of Diamonds11/23/66
S2, Ep 24Marsha's Scheme of Diamonds11/24/66
S2, Ep 25Come Back, Shame11/30/66
S2, Ep 26It's How You Play the Game12/1/66
S2, Ep 27The Penguin's Nest12/7/66
S2, Ep 28The Bird's Last Jest12/8/66
S2, Ep 29The Cat's Meow12/14/66
S2, Ep 30The Bat's Kow Tow12/15/66
S2, Ep 31The Puzzles Are Coming12/21/66
S2, Ep 32The Duo Is Slumming12/22/66
S2, Ep 33The Sandman Cometh12/28/66
S2, Ep 34The Catwoman Goeth12/29/66
S2, Ep 35The Contaminated Cowl1/4/67
S2, Ep 36The Mad Hatter Runs Afoul1/5/67
S2, Ep 37The Zodiac Crimes1/11/67
S2, Ep 38The Joker's Hard Times1/12/67
S2, Ep 39The Penguin Declines1/18/67
S2, Ep 40That Darn Catwoman1/19/67
S2, Ep 41Scat! Darn Catwoman1/25/67
S2, Ep 42Penguin Is a Girl's Best Friend1/26/67
S2, Ep 43Penguin Sets a Trend2/1/67
S2, Ep 44Penguin's Disastrous End2/2/67
S2, Ep 45Batman's Anniversary2/8/67
S2, Ep 46A Riddling Controversy2/9/67
S2, Ep 47The Joker's Last Laugh2/15/67
S2, Ep 48The Joker's Epitaph2/16/67
S2, Ep 49Catwoman Goes to College2/22/67
S2, Ep 50Batman Displays His Knowledge2/23/67
S2, Ep 51A Piece of the Action3/1/67
S2, Ep 52Batman's Satisfaction3/2/67
S2, Ep 53King Tut's Coup3/8/67
S2, Ep 54Batman's Waterloo3/9/67
S2, Ep 55Black Widow Strikes Again3/15/67
S2, Ep 56Caught in the Spider's Den3/16/67
S2, Ep 57Pop Goes the Joker3/22/67
S2, Ep 58Flop Goes the Joker3/23/67
S2, Ep 59Ice Spy3/29/676
S2, Ep 60The Duo Defy3/30/67

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