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Broadcast: 1968-1975
Network: NBC
Created by Jack Webb, Adam-12 was a spinoff of the popular police procedural “Dragnet”. The focus of the show was on veteran beat cop Pete Malloy and his rookie partner Jim Reed. The two were paired together after Pete’s partner was killed in a gun battle. This show was a departure from police procedurals of the time, as most of them focused on detectives, lawyers, and forensics experts. The scripts for the show featured situations right out of the LAPD police files. Jack Webb wanted the show to be accurate and as a result, Adam-12 featured department issued badges and accurate vehicle and patrol markings.

Adam-12 Cast

Martin MilnerOfficer Pete Malloy

Kent McChordOfficer Jim Reed

Shaaron ClaridgeDispatcher

Regulars & Guest Stars

William BoyettSgt. MacDonald

Fred StromsoeOfficer Jerry Woods

Adam-12 Opening Credits / Theme Song


There were 7 seasons and 174 episodes of Adam-12. Check out the Adam-12 Episode Guide.


Shaaron Claridge, the voice of the dispatcher on the show, was really a L.A. dispatcher. Jack Webb thought it would add authenticity to the show.

Officer Jim Reed was supposed to be a rookie. However, he appeared in an episode of Dragnet the year before Adam-12 premiered.

Web Sites

Adam-12 Forum ( Forum ) – Connect with fans of Adam-12 in the Adam-12 forum at


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