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Broadcast: 1985-1990
Network: NBC
Starring Marla Gibbs, best known as Florence the maid in The Jeffersons, 227 revolves around the residents of a middle-class apartment building in a predominantly African American area of Washington, D.C.

227 Cast

Helen Martin...Pearl Shay

Marla Gibbs...Mary Jenkins

Hal Williams...Lester Jenkins

Alaina Reed-Hall...Rose Lee Holloway

Regina King...Brenda Jenkins

Jackée Harry...Sandra Clark

Curtis Baldwin...Calvin Dobbs

Regulars & Guest Stars

Kevin Peter Hall...Warren Merriwether / Gordon

227 Opening Credits / Theme Song


There were 5 seasons and 116 episodes of 227. We have not completed an episode guide for 227 yet.


The character of Sandra Clark was never meant to be a regular, but she tested so well with audiences that she was added to the cast.

When the rights to the play of the same name were acquired, Marla Gibbs originally intended the project to be a tv movie instead of a series.

Web Sites

Where are they now? The cast of 227. ( News ) - A 2012 article on the status of the cast of 227.


We haven’t added a gallery yet.


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