MeTV Fall 2017 Schedule Changes

MeTV has released its schedule for Fall 2017. There are some new shows joining the lineup, TJ Hooker, Hawaii Five-O, The Facts of Life, and Touched By An Angel to name a few. Some old favorites, like Gilligan’s Island, will be leaving. The biggest change is on Super Sci-Fi Saturday nights, where Svengoolie will move from its long-time 10pm slot to an early 8pm slot. It will be followed by Wonder Woman, two episodes of Batman, Star Trek, and then Battlestar Galactica will kick off the Red Eye Sci-Fi block at midnight. Red Eye Sci-Fi continues into early Sunday with two episodes of Outer Limits, then Lost In Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and Swamp Thing. Some schedule changes have already taken place, with more scheduled for September 4th and the Svengoolie time slot switch on September 9th.

You can view or download the new MeTV Fall 2017 schedule here.

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