Where To Watch Classic TV Shows Online For Free

Where To Watch Classic TV Shows Online For Free

In this day and age, there are so many options to watch classic tv shows online for free, but they’re not always easy to find. That’s why we decided to put together this guide. Use it to find where you can stream your favorite classic tv shows. Because they’re available for free, most, if not all, are ad supported, so you may have to sit through occasional ads to watch. Don’t see your favorite show? Contact us and we’ll try to find it for you.

We will be updating our database frequently, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often.

We personally use and recommend a Roku streaming device to access many of these services through your tv, although many of them can be accessed through your computer or mobile phone.

Note: If you find any of the information below inaccurate, please contact us to report it so we can correct our database.

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List of Classic TV Shows You Can Stream For Free

wdt_IDTitleStreaming ServiceNo. of SeasonsAd Supported?LinkShow Title
1Dick Van Dyke Show, TheYouTube2YesWatchThe Dick Van Dyke Show
2Dick Van Dyke Show, TheTubiTV5YesWatchThe Dick Van Dyke Show
4Rockford Files, TheTubiTV6YesWatchThe Rockford Files
5Green AcresTubiTV2YesWatchGreen Acres
6Real McCoys, TheTubiTV6YesWatchThe Real McCoys
7Father Knows BestTubiTV6YesWatchFather Knows Best
8Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, TheTubiTV6YesWatchThe Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
10Lone Ranger, TheTubiTV1YesWatchThe Lone Ranger
11Roy Rogers Show, TheTubiTV6YesWatchThe Roy Rogers Show
12Wanted: Dead or AliveTubiTVOnly Season 3YesWatchWanted: Dead or Alive
13Honeymooners, TheTubiTV4YesWatchThe Honeymooners
14Dragnet (1951)TubiTV6YesWatchDragnet (1951)
16Family AffairTubiTV5YesWatchFamily Affair
17Rebel, TheTubiTV2YesWatchThe Rebel
19Route 66TubiTV4YesWatchRoute 66
20Frontier DoctorTubiTV1YesWatchFrontier Doctor
21Tales of Wells FargoTubiTV1YesWatchTales of Wells Fargo
22Police WomanTubiTV4YesWatchPolice Woman
23Petticoat JunctionTubiTV1YesWatchPetticoat Junction
24My Favorite MartianTubiTV3YesWatchMy Favorite Martian
25Donna Reed Show, TheTubiTV5YesWatchThe Donna Reed Show
26Battlestar GalacticaTubiTV2YesWatchBattlestar Galactica
27Beverly Hillbillies, TheTubiTV2YesWatchThe Beverly Hillbillies
30Three’s CompanyPlutoTV8YesWatchThree’s Company
31Sanford and SonPlutoTV2YesWatchSanford and Son
32Perry MasonPlutoTV2YesWatchPerry Mason
33Outer Limits, ThePlutoTV2YesWatchThe Outer Limits
34Space: 1999PlutoTV2YesWatchSpace: 1999
35Prisoner, ThePlutoTV1YesWatchThe Prisoner
36Greatest American Hero, ThePlutoTV3YesWatchThe Greatest American Hero
37Dark ShadowsPlutoTV16YesWatchDark Shadows
38Batman ’66Amazon FreeVee3YesWatchBatman ’66
39Dragnet (1967)Amazon FreeVee4YesWatchDragnet (1967)
40Night CourtAmazon FreeVee9YesWatchNight Court
41Perry MasonAmazon FreeVee9YesWatchPerry Mason
42Magnum, PIAmazon FreeVee8YesWatchMagnum, PI
43Adam-12Amazon FreeVee7YesWatchAdam-12
44Murder, She WroteAmazon FreeVee5YesWatchMurder, She Wrote
45All In The FamilyAmazon FreeVee9YesWatchAll In The Family
46BewitchedAmazon FreeVee8YesWatchBewitched
47DallasAmazon FreeVee14YesWatchDallas
48Rockford Files, TheAmazon FreeVee6YesWatchThe Rockford Files
49Waltons, TheAmazon FreeVee9YesWatchThe Waltons
50Little House on the PrairieAmazon FreeVee9YesWatchLittle House on the Prairie
51Virginian, TheAmazon FreeVee8YesWatchThe Virginian
52Addams Family, TheAmazon FreeVee2YesWatchThe Addams Family
53BanacekAmazon FreeVee2YesWatchBanacek
54Men From Shiloh, TheAmazon FreeVee1YesWatchThe Men From Shiloh
55Beverly Hillbillies, TheAmazon FreeVee2YesWatchThe Beverly Hillbillies
56Who’s the BossAmazon FreeVee2YesWatchWho’s the Boss
57Good TimesAmazon FreeVee6YesWatchGood Times
58Carol Burnett Show, TheAmazon FreeVee11YesWatchThe Carol Burnett Show
59Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-InAmazon FreeVee6YesWatchRowan & Martin’s Laugh-In
60Match GameAmazon FreeVee3YesWatchMatch Game
61Rifleman, TheAmazon FreeVee5YesWatchThe Rifleman
62Murder, She WrotePeacock TV12YesWatchMurder, She Wrote
63RoseannePeacock TV9YesWatchRoseanne
64ColumboPeacock TV10YesWatchColumbo
65Father Knows BestPeacock TV6YesWatchFather Knows Best
66Leave It To BeaverPeacock TV6YesWatchLeave It To Beaver
673rd Rock From The SunPeacock TV6YesWatch3rd Rock From The Sun
68Munsters, ThePeacock TV2YesWatchThe Munsters
69Carol Burnett Show, ThePeacock TV3YesWatchThe Carol Burnett Show
70Dennis The MenacePeacock TV4YesWatchDennis The Menace
71Johnny Carson Show, ThePeacock TVSeasons 10 – 29YesWatchThe Johnny Carson Show
72FrasierPeacock TV11YesWatchFrasier
7321 Jump StreetCrackle5YesWatch21 Jump Street
743rd Rock From The SunCrackle6YesWatch3rd Rock From The Sun
75Adventures of Jim Bowie, TheCrackle1YesWatchThe Adventures of Jim Bowie
76Barney MillerCrackleSeasons 5 & 6YesWatchBarney Miller
77Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanAmazon FreeVee6YesWatchDr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
783rd Rock From The SunAmazon FreeVee6YesWatch3rd Rock From The Sun
79Highway to HeavenAmazon FreeVee5YesWatchHighway to Heaven
80Dick Van Dyke Show, ThePeacock TV5YesWatchThe Dick Van Dyke Show
81Password PlusAmazon FreeVee2YesWatchPassword Plus
82That GirlPeacock TV5YesWatchThat Girl
83CheersPeacock TV11YesWatchCheers
84Adventures of Jim Bowie, ThePeacock TV2YesWatchThe Adventures of Jim Bowie
85Rifleman, ThePeacock TV5YesWatchThe Rifleman
86Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, ThePeacock TV6YesWatchThe Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
87Hopalong CassidyPeacock TV6YesWatchHopalong Cassidy
88Law & OrderPeacock TVSeasons 13-20YesWatchLaw & Order
89Greatest American Hero, ThePeacock TV3YesWatchThe Greatest American Hero
90MaudeAmazon FreeVee2YesWatchMaude
91HunterPeacock TV7YesWatchHunter
92Miami VicePeacock TV5YesWatchMiami Vice
93Saint, ThePeacock TV6YesWatchThe Saint
94StingrayPeacock TV2YesWatchStingray
95AirwolfPeacock TV4YesWatchAirwolf
96SeaQuest DSVPeacock TV2YesWatchSeaQuest DSV
97CybillPeacock TV4YesWatchCybill
98Grace Under FirePeacock TV5YesWatchGrace Under Fire
99Alfred Hitchcock Hour, ThePeacock TV3YesWatchThe Alfred Hitchcock Hour
100Alfred Hitchcock PresentsPeacock TV7YesWatchAlfred Hitchcock Presents
101Highway to HeavenPeacock TV5YesWatchHighway to Heaven
TitleStreaming ServiceNo. of SeasonsAd Supported?LinkShow Title

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