The End of an Era: Bewitched Home and Others Demolished

For decades, the Warner Bros. Ranch in Burbank, California, has been a cornerstone of Hollywood history, serving as the backdrop for some of the most iconic television shows in American entertainment. However, the historic ranch, which has played host to beloved series like "Bewitched," "I Dream of Jeannie," "Gidget," "The Partridge Family," and "The Waltons," is being demolished to make way for office buildings.


The Warner Bros. Ranch has a rich history dating back to the 1930s, when it was originally known as the Columbia Ranch. In the years that followed, it would be purchased by Warner Bros. and renamed, becoming an integral part of the studio's productions. The picturesque settings on the ranch, including quaint suburban neighborhoods, scenic rural landscapes, and charming streets, provided the ideal canvas for a multitude of classic television series.

As the demand for office spaces and property development in the Burbank area has grown, the Warner Bros. Ranch's fate became uncertain. In a move that has saddened many fans of classic television and Hollywood history, the iconic studio ranch is now being transformed into office buildings. The Bewitched house was demolished on October 13th. While this transition is bittersweet, it highlights the challenges faced by the entertainment industry and the changing landscape of filmmaking in the 21st century.

The Warner Bros. Ranch has been a treasure trove of memories and nostalgia for fans of classic television. Its transformation into office buildings may mark the end of an era, but the legacy of the shows filmed on its grounds will endure. As we bid farewell to this iconic location, we can take solace in the fact that the magic created within its borders will continue to enchant audiences for generations to come.