Collector’s Corner – 8/31/18

Welcome to the Collector's Corner, where we highlight some of the coolest, quirkiest, and most fun classic tv collectibles and memorabilia we find on eBay. Here's what we found this week. The Brady Bunch cursed Tiki doll necklace. This is a replica, but a very good one. Barry Williams owns the original, which he found ... Read more

I Love Lucy: The Audition

Lucy always wanted to be in Ricky’s show. Well, she got her chance when “The Audition” premiered on November 19, 1951 (62 years ago today) on I Love Lucy. It seems Buffo the clown injured himself and couldn’t perform his skit in Ricky’s show. Lucy took his place as the Professor, playing the saxavibratronophonovitch. She … Read more