The Bob Cummings Show

The Bob Cummings Show (1955)

Bob Cummings stars as a ladie’s man, photographer, and Air Force reserve officer in this show (also known as Love That Bob).

Broadcast History

Network: NBC, CBS
Broadcast: 1955-1959

We don’t have a broadcast history for this show yet.

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Actor Character
Bob CummingsBob Collins / Grandpa Josh Collins
Ann B. DavisCharmaine ’Schultzy’ Schultz
Rosemary DeCampMargaret MacDonald
Dwayne HickmanChuck MacDonald

Regulars & Guest Stars

Actor Character
Bill BaldwinAnnouncer
Joi LansingShirley Swanson / Bridal Model
King DonovanHarvey Helm
Lyle TalbotPaul Fonda

Theme Song / Opening Credits


There were 5 seasons and 173 episodes of The Bob Cummings Show (1955). We have not completed an episode guide for this show yet.


In the “The Brady Bunch Movie” (1995), Ann B. Davis reprised her role as “Schultzy” in a cameo that suggested the character went on to become a truck driver.

Producer Paul Henning drew extensively on Bob Cumming’s real life while creating the show.

The producers originally had actress Jane Withers in mind when they created the character of Schultzy. She had too many demands that the producers didn’t want to meet so they cast Ann B. Davis instead.

Dwayne Hickman was the breakout star of the show, which led to his own show, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.

The Bob Cummings Show was the first series to be a mid-season replacement.


Bob Collins: Hold it! I think you’re gonna like this picture!


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