The Phil Silvers Show

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Broadcast History

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Actor Character(s)Notes
Phil SilversMSgt. Ernest G. Bilko 
Harvey LembeckCpl. Rocco Barbella 
Paul FordCol. John T. Hall 
Allan MelvinCpl. Steve Henshaw 
Billy SandsPvt. Dino Papparelli 
Maurice GosfieldPvt. Duane Doberman 
Herbie FayeCpl. Sam Fender 
Bernard FeinPvt. Gomez 
Jack HealeyPvt. Mullen 
Mickey FreemanPvt. Fielding Zimmerman 
Maurice BrennerPvt. Irving Fleischman 

Regulars & Guest Stars

Actor Character(s)Notes
Karl LukasPvt. Stash Kadowski 
Terry CarterPvt. Sugie Sugarman 
Jimmy LittleMSgt. Francis Grover 
P. Jay SidneyPvt. Palmer
Joe E. RossMSgt. Rupert Ritzik 
Walter CartierPvt. Claude Dillingham 
Hope SansburyMrs. Nell Hall 

Theme Song / Opening Credits


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