I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy TV Show

Lucy wants to be a star and constantly attempts to get into her bandleader husband Ricky’s act. Her landlord, Ethel, is also sometimes her partner in crime with her various schemes.

Network: CBS
Broadcast: 1951-1957

Broadcast History

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Lucille BallLucy Ricardo
Desi ArnazRicky Ricardo
Vivian VanceEthel Mertz
William FrawleyFred Mertz

Regulars & Guest Stars

Joseph A. MayerLittle Ricky Ricardo
Michael MayerLittle Ricky Ricardo
Richard KeithLittle Ricky Ricardo
Frank NelsonRalph Ramsey / Customs Officer / Conductor / Ben Benjamin / Freddie Fillmore / Dickie Davis / Sergeant Nelson / Henry the Waiter
Peggy ReaCardplayer / Clubwoman / Club member / Nurse
Tennessee Ernie FordCousin Ernie
Gale GordonMr. Alvin Littlefield
Hans ConriedPercy Livermore / Mr. Jenkins
Parley BaerMr. Perry / Mr. Reilly
Orson WellesHimself

Theme Song / Opening Credits


There were 6 seasons and 181 episodes of I Love Lucy. We have not completed an episode guide for I Love Lucy yet.


In real life, William Frawley and Vivian Vance hated each other. Any affection their characters had to display in the show was forced.


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