Happy Days

Broadcast History

Network: ABC
Broadcast: 1974-1984

We don’t have a broadcast history for this show yet.

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Below are the Happy Days Cast who appeared in 50 or more episodes.

Actor Character
Henry WinklerArthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli
Marion RossMarion Cunningham
Tom BosleyHoward Cunningham
Erin MoranJoannie Cunningham
Anson WilliamsPotsie Weber
Ron HowardRichie Cunningham
Don MostRalph Malph
Al MolinaroAl Delvecchio
Scott BaioChachi Arcola
Lynda GoodfriendLori Beth Allen
Ted McGinleyRoger Phillips
Cathy SilversJenny Piccalo

Regulars & Guest Stars

Actor Character
Linda PurlAshley Pfister
Pat MoritaArnold

Theme Song / Opening Credits


There were 11 seasons and 255 episodes of Happy Days. We have not completed an episode guide for Happy Days yet.


Henry Winkler was afraid of motorcycles. Most scenes with Fonzie on a motorcycle were done with the motorcycle on a platform pulled by a truck.


Richie Cunningham: I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill.

Richie Cunningham: Sit on it!

Ralph Malph: I’ve still got it!

The Fonz: Ayyyyyy.


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