Columbo Episode Guide

Columbo Episode Guide

The Columbo Episode Guide details the air dates, plots, and guest stars for the 69 episodes of Columbo. This includes the two Columbo pilots and the 14 specials that aired between December 9, 1990 and January 30, 2003. The number of Columbo episodes varies from season to season because the show was originally one of a number of shows rotated under The NBC Mystery Movie name. The last 14 Columbo episodes aired on ABC starting in 1989.

Aired: 1968-2003
13 Seasons
69 Episodes
Starring: Peter Falk

The entire list of Columbo episodes is below in order of air date. Some episode titles in the guide are hyperlinks which lead to an episode detail and review page. With 69 episodes in the Columbo episode guide, it may be a while before we get around to reviewing all of them. Feel free to submit your own review here.

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