Bosom Buddies

Bosom Buddies

Finding themselves without a place to live, Kip and Henry get an offer from a co-worker to live in her apartment building. The only problem is that it’s women only. So, they dress in women’s clothing and assume the identities of Buffy and Hildegarde, Kip and Henry’s sisters.

Network: ABC
Broadcast: 1980-1982

Broadcast History

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Tom HanksBuffy Wilson / Kip Wilson
Peter ScolariHenry Desmond / Hildegarde ’Hilde’ Desmond
Donna DixonSonny Lumet
Holland TaylorRuth Dunbar
Telma HopkinsIsabelle Hammond
Wendy Jo SperberAmy Cassidy

Regulars & Guest Stars

Lucille BensonLilly Sinclair

Theme Song / Opening Credits


There were 2 seasons and 37 episodes of Bosom Buddies. We have not completed an episode guide for Bosom Buddies yet.


The two main characters of the show are named after bars in Berkeley, CA, “Kip’s” and “Henry’s”.

The series was recorded on videotape, except for the pilot which was recorded on film.

Donna Dixon, who played Tom Hank’s girlfriend in the show, is married to Dan Aykroyd.


Cop: Could I have your name?
Kip ‘Buffy’ Wilson: Well, you could, but it would be an incredible coincidence.


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