How To Stream MeTV Live

A question we often get is how to stream MeTV live? Many areas still don't have MeTV yet. Some areas recently lost MeTV channels. In cases like ours, we live next to a hill and antenna reception for our local MeTV affiliate isn't great. Fortunately, Weigel Broadcasting, the parent company of MeTV, recently made a deal with FrndlyTV for streaming rights to MeTV, Heroes & Icons, Decades, and a few other channels they own.

We recently cut the cord and went strictly to antenna and streaming. FrndlyTV was a big factor in our decision, as they had a number of channels we watch AND MeTV for an amazing price. For the price we were paying for a month of DirecTV, we got an entire year of FrndlyTV. They have 3 packages to choose from.

This is what we got with our package:

  • Over 40+ channels, including Hallmark, INSP, getTV, MeTV, H&I, Decades, and more…
  • Unlimited cloud DVR recording so we can record a show and watch it up to 3 months later
  • 72 hour look back so we can go back and watch a show we missed (on participating channels)
  • Streaming on multiple screens at the same time
  • Access to watch through our smart tv, tv streaming devices, smartphones, and computers.
  • HD Video Quality
  • 7 day free trial to try out the service before we committed to purchasing

Saturdays are a big MeTV night in our household. We often join others livetweeting MeTV's Saturday night lineup on Twitter. We're on the West coast, but most of the livetweeters are on the East coast. With FrndlyTV, we get the East coast feed so we can watch with all our online friends AND we get to go to bed 3 hours earlier than usual. 🙂

If you'd like to give FrndlyTV a try, please click here to be taken to their site. We will receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you decide to purchase one of their packages. We are pleased customers of FrndlyTV and highly recommend them, as we are customers ourselves.

How to Stream MeTV

Sign up for the FrndlyTV free trial or one of their three streaming packages. Then follow the directions for how to stream MeTV the way you want to watch.


Install the FrndlyTV channel following these directions.

Amazon Fire Stick

Install the FrndlyTV app by clicking here, selecting your fire stick from the dropdown on the right, and clicking Get App.

Web Browser

Click here and sign in to watch MeTV online through a web browser.


In the App Store, search for and download the FrndlyTV app.