The Brady Bunch House Is For Sale

Brady Bunch house is for saleHave an extra $1.885 million in your bank account? If so, the iconic house that stood in for the exterior of the Brady Bunch home can be yours. Yes, the Brady Bunch house is for sale. It’s located in the Colfax Meadows neighborhood of Studio City. Although the home has been updated, the owners have been careful to maintain a look consistent with the Brady Bunch era. The rock wall chimney and wood paneling remain, as well as the intercom system. Despite the 70’s decor, none of the interior shots on the show were filmed here. They were filmed in a studio.

The charming split-level home sits on a huge 12,500 square foot lot, so there’s plenty of room for entertaining and playing ball OUTSIDE the house. Unfortunately, that large lot is of big interest to developers. That means if there is no interest from individual buyers who will keep the home intact, it may be torn down to clear the lot for development. Let’s hope some wealthy Brady Bunch fan can step in and preserve the home for future generations to enjoy!

See the Brady Bunch house on Zillow.

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