The Addams Family

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Broadcast: 1964-1966
Network: ABC
The Addams Family, based on the cartoons by Charles Addams, follows the misadventures of Gomez and Morticia Addams and their eccentric and macabre family who don’t quite seem to understand why people find them frightening.

The Addams Family Cast

Carolyn Jones...Morticia Addams / Ophelia Frump / Lady Fingers

John Astin...Gomez Addams

Jackie Coogan...Uncle Fester

Ted Cassidy...Lurch

Marie Blake...Grandmama

Lisa Loring...Wednesday Addams

Ken Weatherwax...Pugsley Addams

Regulars & Guest Stars

Parley Baer...Arthur J. Henson

Vito Scotti...Sam Picasso / Professor Altshuler / Miri Haan

Margaret Hamilton...Granny Hester Frump

Don Rickles...Claude

Skip Homeier...Marty

Stanley Adams...Ila Klarpe

Felix Silla...Cousin Itt

The Addams Family Opening Credits / Theme Song


There were 2 seasons and 64 episodes of The Addams Family. Check out the The Addams Family Episode Guide.


Since Gomez Addams often put lit cigars into his suit pockets, the prop department lined those pockets with asbestos for his protection.

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