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Broadcast History

Network: CBS
Broadcast: 1973-1978

Kojak Cast

Telly Savalas...Lt. Theo Kojak

Regulars & Guest Stars

Kojak Opening Credits / Theme Song

Kojak Episodes

There were 5 seasons and 117 episodes of Kojak. We have not completed an episode guide for Kojak yet.

Kojak Trivia

Kojak is a Polish surname. The character's heritage was changed from Polish to Greek to match Telly Savalas' heritage.

Telly (and Kojak) sucked on lollipops to try to, unsuccessfully, curb his smoking habit.

Telly's brother George (credited as Demosthenes for the first two seasons to avoid confusion with Telly) played Det. Stavros.

Kojak Quotes

Kojak: Who loves ya, baby?

Kojak Web Sites

TellySavalas.com ( Official Site) - The official website of Telly Savalas' estate.

Kojak.tv ( Fan Site) - Fan site offering a Kojak episode guide and reviews.



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