3rd Rock From The Sun

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Broadcast: 1996-2001
Network: NBC
Four aliens come to Earth to learn about our customs and experience life on our planet. They report their findings back to the Big Giant Head (played by William Shatner). In order to avoid detection by Earthlings, they take human form. The leader (played by John Lithgow) takes the name of Dick Solomon and finds work as a college professor. The military expert, Sally Solomon, (played by Kristen Johnston) assumes the role of Dick’s sister. The oldest of the group and their intelligence officer assumes the role of Dick’s teeenage son, Tommy Solomon. And then there’s Harry Solomon, Dick’s brother, that just seems to be along for the ride.

3rd Rock From The Sun Cast

John LithgowDick Solomon

Kristen JohnstonSally Solomon

French StewartHarry Solomon

Joseph Gordon-LevittTommy Solomon

Jane CurtinDr. Mary Albright

Regulars & Guest Stars

William ShatnerThe Big Giant Head

Simbi KaliNina

Elmarie WendelMrs. Dubcek

Wayne KnightOfficer Don

3rd Rock From The Sun Opening Credits / Theme Song


There were 6 seasons and 139 episodes of 3rd Rock From The Sun. We have not completed an episode guide for 3rd Rock From The Sun yet.


Dick Solomon’s student Leon was played by John Lithgow’s son Ian Lithgow.

William Shatner played Bob Wilson in the Twilight Zone episode “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”. In Twilight Zone the Movie, John Lithgow played John Valentine in the “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” segment. During Shatner’s first appearance as the Big Giant Head, he claims he saw something on the wing of a plane and Dick replies “The same thing happened to me!”

Web Sites

3rd Frock From The Sun Official Site ( Official Site) – The official site of 3rd Rock From The Sun (Carsey Werner Television).

3rd Rock From The Sun Fan Fiction ( Fan Fiction) – 3rd Rock From The Sun fan fiction at FanFiction.net.


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