12 O’Clock High

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Broadcast: 1964-1967
Network: ABC
Based on the motion picture by the same name, 12 O’Clock High followed the missions of the fictitious U.S. Army Air Forces 918th Bombardment Group in their B-17 bombers. Stationed in England, the group is commanded by General Frank Savage (Robert Lansing) and later by Colonel Joe Gallagher (Paul Burke).

Due to the first two seasons being filmed in black and white, actual World War II combat footage supplied by the U.S. Air Force was included in many episodes. The show also had access to a real B-17 bomber, but it could only taxi. In later episodes, a P-51 Mustang was worked into the storylines to cut production costs, as it cost less to fly than a four-engined B-17 and only required one pilot.

12 O’Clock High Cast

Frank OvertonMaj. Harvey Stovall

Paul BurkeCol. Joe Gallagher

Chris RobinsonSgt. Sandy Komansky

Robert LansingBrig. Gen. Frank Savage

Barney PhillipsMaj. Donald “Doc” Kaiser

Robert DornanCapt. Bob Fowler

John LarkinMaj. Gen. Wiley Crowe

Andrew DugganMaj. Gen. Ed Britt

Lew GalloMaj. Joe Cobb

Regulars & Guest Stars

Tom SkerrittTech. Sgt. Nick Neely / Lt. Paddy Gialella / Sgt. Ben Rodale / Lt. Steve Parmalee / Lieutenant Ryan

Barry CahillCapt. Curt Douglas

Richard AndersonBrig. Gen. Phil Doud

Bruce DernTSgt. Frank Jones / Lt. Michaels / Lt. Danton

Gary LockwoodMaj. Gus Denver / Lt. Josh McGraw

Lloyd BochnerMajor Mallory / Kirby Wyatt / Capt. Derek Evans

Bernard FoxSgt. Major Higgins / Major Dutton / Colonel Charles

Lee MeriwetherCapt. Phyllis Vincent / Lt. Amy Patterson

Judy CarneDoris / Floy / Jill

Jack LordCol. Arnold Yates / Lt. Col. Preston Gallagher

James WhitmoreCol. Harry Connelly / Col. Paul ‘Pappy’ Hartley

Norman FellMaj. George Praeger / Lt. Canello

James FarentinoMoxey

Sally KellermanLt. Libby MacAndrews

Roy ThinnesCapt. Paul Pridie / Maj. Jake Hays

Burt ReynoldsTech. Sgt. Vern Chapman

Edward MulhareCol. Gert Schotten / Kurt Halland

Jill IrelandSara Blodgett / Alyce Carpenter

Dabney ColemanCaptain Robbins / Captain Wilson

12 O’Clock High Opening Credits / Theme Song


There were 3 seasons and 78 episodes of 12 O’Clock High. We have not completed an episode guide for 12 O’Clock High yet.


The producers approached Volkswagen about being a sponsor of the show. The scenes of the pilot episode that they showed VW executives included actual war footage. One of the executives recognized one of the buildings being bombed as a VW plant and declined to sponsor the show.

Gregory Peck played General Frank Savage in the movie version. George Nader was originally set to play the role in the tv series, but the role was eventually given to Robert Lansing.

The fictional 918th Bomb Group was based on the real 306th Bomb Group, (3×306=918).

Web Sites

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