Movin’ On Up on MeTV

We just got word that The Jeffersons will be coming to MeTV on May 28th! Not only that, but Charlie’s Angels will be added to the lineup too. The official schedule is coming out early next week (May 14th maybe?). As soon as we get confirmation, we’ll update this post with more information.


The Jeffersons will be airing weeknights at 6:30pm | 5:30pm Central and twice on Sundays at 5pm | 4pm Central.

Charlie’s Angels will be airing Monday through Friday at 5pm | 4pm Central.

Gilligan’s Island is rejoining the schedule on Sundays at 3pm | 2pm Central for the “Summer of Me”. The Odd Couple is also coming back on Sundays at 7pm | 6pm Central.

Tune in for the new lineup starting Memorial Day!

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Last update was on: February 10, 2019 9:21 am

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