MeTV’s Sci-Fi Saturday Night Lineup Will Be No More

MeTV’s new fall 2016 schedule was leaked early and apparently confirmed by a MeTV representative. There will be a shakeup on Saturday nights, much like two years ago when they moved Lost In Space from the 8pm slot to midnight and gave Wonder Woman the earlier slot. Fans of Superman and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. will be disappointed. They’ve been dropped from the schedule altogether. Lost In Space and Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea have been moved to a very disappointing 3AM and 4AM respectively. Batman will move to midnight. Time Tunnel, Land of the Giants, and Planet of the Apes are being added to the lineup, but at 1AM, 2AM, and 5AM.

Yes, many of us have DVRs and ways of recording the shows, but for the small, but extremely loyal group of Twitter users who livetweet the Saturday lineup every week, this is devastating. Part of the fun of Sci-Fi Saturday Night was the communal viewing experience and discussing the shows together while they were on. And hey, it was free promotion for MeTV on social media. (Are you listening MeTV?)

The new Fall lineup will officially be announced on Monday, but Twitter users are already protesting the changes on Twitter under the #ProtestTooLateSciFi hashtag. If you enjoy the Sci-Fi Saturday Night lineup as it is, join us! Contact @metv on Twitter via DM, message them on their FB page, or contact them through their website. If you have a blog or podcast, please get the word out!



Here’s the leaked schedule for Saturdays.


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