Farewell, Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore - JDRF AmbassadorMary Tyler Moore passed away today. She was 80. Right now, there are hundreds of tributes pouring in, lauding her acting and celebrating her life. I certainly enjoyed her acting and that’s what she will be remembered most for, but she played another role that really hits home for me. She was diagnosed as a Type I diabetic at 33 and ever since then, she worked tirelessly to raise awareness of diabetes and to raise funds to put an end to the dreadful disease. She was the international ambassador for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). They so appreciated her efforts that they named one of their research initiatives after her, Forever Moore.

My niece was diagnosed as a Type I diabetic at the age of 3. She’ll turn 11 next month. Anyone who has had to personally deal with or support someone who has Type I diabetes knows that it completely changes and takes over one’s life and the lives of those who care for them. It can be deadly. So, Mary Tyler Moore’s efforts and support to find a cure are so very appreciated, probably more than she ever knew or could imagine. I wish they had been able to find a cure in her lifetime. I only hope that they are able to find one in my niece’s lifetime. When they do, I know that in addition to all the researchers, doctors, and others who strive for a cure, some small credit should be due to Mary Tyler Moore.

I kindly suggest that her fans who would like to do something in her memory, please make a donation to JDRF.

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