October 9th

October 9th in TV History

In 1931, Canada’s first television station, VE9EC, begins broadcasting in Montreal, Quebec.
In 1986, Fox launched as the United States’ fourth commercial broadcast television network, the first such attempt since 1967.

TV Show Debuts

The following tv shows debuted on October 9th:

Rocket Robin Hood (1966)
On Our Own (1977)
Behind The Screen (1981)
The Late Show with Joan Rivers (1986)
The New Scooby-Doo Movies (1972)

TV Episode Debuts

The following TV episodes debuted on October 9th:

The Twilight Zone: “One for the Angels” (1959)
The Rifleman: “First Wages” (1961)
The Andy Griffith Show: “Barney’s Replacement” (1961)
The Addams Family (1964): “Gomez, the Politician” (1964)
Doctor Who: “Mission to the Unknown” (1965)
Get Smart (1965): “Our Man in Toyland” (1965)
Gunsmoke: “Ten Little Indians” (1965)
Hogan’s Heroes: “The Late Inspector General” (1965)
I Dream of Jeannie: “The Marriage Caper” (1965)
The Avengers: “The Gravediggers” (1965)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: “Night of Terror” (1966)
The Big Valley: “Night in a Small Town” (1967)
Gunsmoke: “Vengeance (2)” (1967)
I Spy (US): “Philotimo” (1967)
The Andy Griffith Show: “Opie Steps Up in Class” (1967)
The Avengers: “Super Secret Cypher Snatch” (1968)
Bewitched: “Samantha’s Curious Cravings” (1969)
The Mary Tyler Moore Show: “Room 223” (1971)
Gunsmoke: “The Drummer” (1972)
Doctor Who: “The Hand of Fear, Part Two” (1976)
The Mary Tyler Moore Show: “Sue Ann’s Sister” (1976)
Kojak (1973): “A Strange Kind of Love” (1977)
The Six Million Dollar Man: “Bigfoot V” (1977)
Happy Days: “Richie’s Job” (1979)
Three’s Company: “Jack the Ripper” (1979)
The Dukes of Hazzard: “Mrs. Daisy Hogg” (1981)
Cheers: “Money Dearest” (1986)
Night Court: “Giving Thanks” (1986)
The Cosby Show: “Golden Anniversary” (1986)
Family Ties: “The Freshman and the Senior” (1986)
ALF: “We’re in the Money” (1989)
Night Court: “Puppy Love” (1991)
Murder, She Wrote: “To Kill a Legend” (1994)
Murphy Brown: “Murphy’s Law” (1995)


Fyvush Finkel (1922, Brooklyn, NY)
Shera Danese (1949, Hartsdale, NY)
Gary Frank (1950, Spokane, WA)
Tony Shalhoub (1953, Green Bay, WI)
Scott Bakula (1954, St. Louis, MO)
Michael Paré (1958, Brooklyn, NY)
Sheila Kelley (1961, Greensburg, PA)
Zachery Ty Bryan (1981, Aurora, CO)

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