October 12th

October 12th in TV History

TV Episode Debuts

I Love Lucy “The Girls Go Into Business” (1953)
Gunsmoke “Potato Road” (1957)
Gunsmoke “Legends Don’t Sleep” (1963)
The Avengers “Man with Two Shadows” (1963)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea “The Price of Doom” (1964)
The Andy Griffith Show “The Education of Ernest T. Bass” (1964)
F Troop “The Return of Bald Eagle” (1965)
The Fugitive (1963) “Conspiracy of Silence” (1965)
Lost in Space “Space Circus” (1966)
Batman “The Clock King’s Crazy Crimes (1)” (1966)
I Spy (US) “A Gift from Alexander” (1966)
Batman “A Horse of Another Color (2)” (1967)
Bewitched “No Zip in My Zap” (1967)
Doctor Who “The Mind Robber, Episode Five” (1968)
Get Smart (1965) “The Secret of Sam Vittorio” (1968)
Hogan’s Heroes “How to Catch a Papa Bear” (1968)
Gunsmoke “Gentry’s Law” (1970)
Cannon “Scream of Silence” (1971)
The Mary Tyler Moore Show “The Outsider” (1974)
Columbo “A Case of Immunity” (1975)
Kojak (1973) “Silent Snow, Deadly Snow” (1975)
The Six Million Dollar Man “The Wolf Boy” (1975)
Mork & Mindy “Mork’s Seduction” (1978)
The Rockford Files (1974) “Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs (1)” (1979)
The Rockford Files (1974) “Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs (2)” (1979)
The Dukes of Hazzard “The Meeting” (1979)
Happy Days “Letting Go” (1982)
Laverne & Shirley “Window on Main Street” (1982)
Three’s Company “Jack Goes to the Dentist” (1982)
Family Ties “The Homecoming” (1983)
The Dukes of Hazzard “Robot P. Coltrane” (1984)
Murder, She Wrote “Unfinished Business” (1986)
Doctor Who “Paradise Towers, Part Two” (1987)
ALF “Wedding Bell Blues” (1987)
Doctor Who “Remembrance of the Daleks, Part Two” (1988)
Cheers “A Bar is Born” (1989)
The Cosby Show “Denise Kendall: Navy Wife” (1989)
Night Court “When Harry Met Margaret” (1990)
Murphy Brown “I Never Sang for My Husband” (1992)
Murder, She Wrote “Big Easy Murder” (1995)

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