October 10th

October 10th in TV History

In 1950, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission approves CBS’s color television system.

In 1964, NBC, in the United States, airs the 1964 Summer Olympics opening ceremony at Tokyo, Japan, with first time of live Olympic telecast program by geostationary communication satellite Syncom 3. This telecast marks NBC’s first Olympic broadcasting stint.

In 1983 Adam, a TV-movie about the mysterious disappearance of Adam Walsh, makes its world premiere on NBC. The broadcast ends with a series of missing children’s photographs and descriptions, along with a telephone number viewers could call to provide information on their disappearances.

TV Show Debuts

The following tv shows debuted on October 10th:

Zorro (1957)
77 Sunset Strip (1958)
Upstairs, Downstairs (1971)
Laverne & Shirley in the Army (1981)
Nature (1982)
Dreams (1984)
War of the Worlds (1988)

TV Shows Ended

The following tv shows ended on October 10th:

Author Meets the Critics (1954)

TV Episode Debuts

The following tv episodes debuted on October 10th:

I Love Lucy: “Lucy and John Wayne” (1955)
Gunsmoke: “Tail to the Wind” (1959)
The Andy Griffith Show: “The Manhunt” (1960)
Gilligan’s Island: “Voodoo Something To Me” (1964)
Gunsmoke: “Old Man” (1964)
The Big Valley: “Pursuit” (1966)
Gilligan’s Island: “Voodoo” (1966)
I Dream of Jeannie: “My Wild Eyed Master” (1966)
The Andy Griffith Show: “Aunt Bee’s Crowning Glory” (1966)
I Dream of Jeannie: “My Master, the Weakling” (1967)
Bewitched: “Samantha on the Keyboard” (1968)
Get Smart (1965): “Valerie of the Dolls” (1969)
Hogan’s Heroes: “The Klink Commandos” (1969)
The Mary Tyler Moore Show: “Divorce Isn’t Everything” (1970)
Cannon: “Murder by Proxy” (1973)
The Rockford Files (1974): “The Deep Blue Sleep” (1975)
Columbo: “Fade in to Murder” (1976)
Kojak (1973): “Law Dance” (1976)
Happy Days: “Kid Stuff” (1978)
Laverne & Shirley: “The Quiz Show” (1978)
Three’s Company: “Helen’s Rendezvous” (1978)
Taxi: “Come as You Aren’t” (1978)
The Fall Guy: “Prisoner” (1984)
The Fall Guy: “Femme Fatale” (1985)
The Cosby Show: “Happy Anniversary” (1985)
L.A. Law: “The House of the Rising Flan” (1986)
ALF: “Stairway to Heaven” (1988)
Cheers: “The Norm Who Came in from the Cold” (1991)
The Cosby Show: “Pam Applies to College” (1991)
L.A. Law: “Something Old, Something Nude” (1991)
Murphy Brown: “Be Careful What You Wish For” (1994)


Peter Coyote (1941, Manhattan, NY)
Julia Sweeney (1959, Spokane, WA)

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