May 8th

May 8th in TV History


George Peppard (1994 in Los Angeles, CA) – Banacek, The A-Team

TV Episode Debuts

The Andy Griffith Show “Barney Gets His Man” (1961)
The Twilight Zone “Mr. Garrity and the Graves” (1964)
Doctor Who “The Search” (1965)
Gilligan’s Island “Physical Fatness” (1965)
Gunsmoke “Two Tall Men” (1965)
Get Smart (1965) “Do I Hear a Vaults?” (1970)
Doctor Who “Colony in Space, Episode Five” (1971)
Kojak (1973) “The Only Way Out” (1974)
Happy Days “Chachi’s Incredo-Wax” (1979)
Laverne & Shirley “Spy in My Beer” (1979)
Three’s Company “Jack Moves Out” (1979)
Taxi “Hollywood Calling” (1979)
Happy Days “Passages (1)” (1984)
Happy Days “Passages (2)” (1984)
Cheers “Strange Bedfellows (2)” (1986)
Night Court “Hurricane (2)” (1986)
The Cosby Show “Off to the Races” (1986)
Family Ties “Paper Chase (a.k.a. Mallory’s Graduation)” (1986)
Murder, She Wrote “The Body Politic” (1988)
ALF “Having My Baby” (1989)
Murphy Brown “The Summer of ’77” (1989)
Night Court “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Tony (2)” (1991)
Columbo “Strange Bedfellows” (1995)
Murphy Brown “Model Relationships” (1995)

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