May 7th

May 7th in TV History

TV Show Debuts

Kraft Television Theatre (1947)

TV Shows Ended

Daniel Boone (1970)

TV Episode Debuts

I Love Lucy “Lucy Goes to Monte Carlo” (1956)
Gunsmoke “Speak Me Fair” (1960)
The Rifleman “The Executioner” (1962)
The Andy Griffith Show “Deputy Otis” (1962)
The Addams Family (1964) “Cousin Itt and the Vocational Counselor” (1965)
Doctor Who “Don’t Shoot the Pianist” (1966)
Get Smart (1965) “Last One in is a Rotten Spy” (1966)
Gunsmoke “Prime of Life” (1966)
I Dream of Jeannie “I’ll Never Forget What’s Her Name” (1966)
Happy Days “Be the First on Your Block” (1974)
Lou Grant “Romance” (1979)
Charlie’s Angels (1976) “One Love…Two Angels (2)” (1980)
Mork & Mindy “Mindy and Mork” (1981)
Taxi “On the Job (1)” (1981)
Cheers “I Do and Adieu” (1987)
The Cosby Show “Hillman” (1987)
Family Ties “The Visit” (1987)
Murder, She Wrote “Three Strikes, You’re Out” (1989)
Family Ties “Mr. Keaton Takes a Vacation” (1989)
Murphy Brown “The Bitch’s Back” (1990)
Cheers “Heeeeeere’s… Cliffy!” (1992)
L.A. Law “Beauty and the Breast” (1992)
Murder, She Wrote “Another Killing in Cork” (1995)

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