March 6th

March 6th in TV History

TV Shows Ended

Lost In Space (1968)

TV Episode Debuts

The Andy Griffith Show "Cyrano Andy" (1961)
The Twilight Zone "Queen of the Nile" (1964)
Gilligan's Island "How to Be a Hero" (1965)
Doctor Who "Crater of Needles" (1965)
Gunsmoke "Thursday's Child" (1965)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea "The Menfish" (1966)
The Big Valley "Court Martial" (1967)
Gilligan's Island "The Second Ginger Grant" (1967)
I Dream of Jeannie "The Incredible Shrinking Master" (1967)
The Andy Griffith Show "Goodbye Dolly" (1967)
Lost in Space "Junkyard in Space" (1968)
Bewitched "Tabitha's Weekend" (1969)
Hogan's Heroes "The Sergeant's Analyst" (1970)
Doctor Who "The Mind of Evil, Episode Six" (1971)
The Mary Tyler Moore Show "The 45-Year-Old Man" (1971)
Gunsmoke "Alias Festus Haggen" (1972)
Kojak (1973) "Dead on His Feet" (1974)
Doctor Who "The Seeds of Doom, Part Six" (1976)
The Mary Tyler Moore Show "Ted and the Kid" (1976)
The Six Million Dollar Man "To Catch the Eagle" (1977)
The Six Million Dollar Man "The Moving Mountain" (1978)
Lou Grant "Poison" (1978)
Happy Days "Mork Returns" (1979)
Laverne & Shirley "The Feminine Mistake" (1979)
Taxi "Alex Tastes Death and Finds a Nice Restaurant" (1979)
The Dukes of Hazzard "The Return of Hughie Hogg" (1981)
The Fall Guy "Skip Family Robinson" (1985)
Night Court "Monkey Business" (1986)
Family Ties "My Buddy" (1986)
Family Ties "The Boys Next Door" (1988)
ALF "Torn Between Two Lovers" (1989)
Murphy Brown "Mama Said" (1989)
Night Court "To Sleep, No More" (1991)
Murder, She Wrote "Time to Die" (1994)

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