March 2nd

March 2nd in TV History

TV Episode Debuts

Gunsmoke “Sweet and Sour” (1957)
The Twilight Zone “To Serve Man” (1962)
The Avengers “Conspiracy of Silence” (1963)
The Andy Griffith Show “The Shoplifters” (1964)
The Fugitive (1963) “The Survivors” (1965)
Lost in Space “The Challenge” (1966)
Batman “The Joker Goes to School (1)” (1966)
The Big Valley “The Fallen Hawk” (1966)
I Spy (US) “The Conquest of Maude Murdock” (1966)
Batman “Batman’s Satisfaction (2)” (1967)
Bewitched “Charlie Harper, Winner” (1967)
F Troop “Guns, Guns, Who’s Got the Guns?” (1967)
Star Trek “This Side of Paradise” (1967)
Doctor Who “The Web of Fear, Episode Five” (1968)
Get Smart (1965) “Operation Ridiculous” (1968)
Hogan’s Heroes “How to Escape From Prison Camp Without Really Trying” (1968)
Gunsmoke “Morgan” (1970)
Doctor Who “Death to the Daleks, Part Two” (1974)
The Mary Tyler Moore Show “I Was a Single for WJM” (1974)
Columbo “Playback” (1975)
Kojak (1973) “The Trade-Off” (1975)
The Six Million Dollar Man “The E.S.P. Spy” (1975)
Columbo “Last Salute to the Commodore” (1976)
Happy Days “Arnold’s Wedding” (1976)
Laverne & Shirley “Falter at the Altar” (1976)
Doctor Who “Black Orchid, Part Two” (1982)
Happy Days “Chachi’s Future” (1982)
Laverne & Shirley “Helmut Weekend” (1982)
Three’s Company “Doctor in the House” (1982)
Doctor Who “Enlightenment, Part Two” (1983)
The Fall Guy “The Molly Sue” (1983)
Doctor Who “Planet of Fire, Part Four” (1984)
The Dukes of Hazzard “The Ransom of Hazzard County” (1984)
Doctor Who “The Two Doctors, Part Three” (1985)
Punky Brewster “Changes (5)” (1986)
Family Ties “Teacher’s Pet” (1986)
ALF “Wild Thing” (1987)
Cheers “The Cranemakers” (1989)
Murphy Brown “Murphy Buys the Farm” (1992)

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