March 24th

March 24th in TV History


Norman Fell (1924, Philadelphia, PA) - Mr. Roper on Three's Company
R. Lee Ermey (1944, Emporia, KS)

TV Shows Ended

ALF (1990)

TV Episode Debuts

I Love Lucy "The Gossip" (1952)
Gunsmoke "Tap Day for Kitty" (1956)
The Rifleman "The Deadly Wait" (1959)
The Twilight Zone "The Prime Mover" (1961)
Gunsmoke "The Widow" (1962)
The Fugitive (1963) "Somebody to Remember" (1964)
Batman "Not Yet, He Ain't (2)" (1966)
Bewitched "Double Split" (1966)
Gilligan's Island "Ghost a Go-Go" (1966)
The Munsters "Eddie's Brother" (1966)
Hogan's Heroes "Colonel Klink's Secret Weapon" (1967)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea "The Death Clock" (1968)
The Big Valley "The Battle of Mineral Springs" (1969)
Gunsmoke "Exodus 21.22" (1969)
I Dream of Jeannie "Around the Moon in 80 Blinks" (1969)
I Dream of Jeannie "An Astronaut in Sheep's Clothing" (1970)
Doctor Who "Frontier in Space, Episode Five" (1973)
The Bionic Woman "Jaime's Mother" (1976)
Three's Company "And Mother Makes Four" (1977)
Lou Grant "Hazard" (1980)
Three's Company "Double Trouble" (1981)
The Fall Guy "Child's Play" (1982)
Cheers "Showdown (1)" (1983)
The Dukes of Hazzard "Cooter's Confession" (1984)
Cheers "Slumber Party Massacre" (1988)
The Cosby Show "The Prom" (1988)
ALF "Consider Me Gone" (1990)
L.A. Law "Whose San Andreas Fault Is it, Anyway?" (1994)

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