March 16th

March 16th in TV History

TV Episode Debuts

Gunsmoke “Bureaucrat” (1957)
The Twilight Zone “Little Girl Lost” (1962)
Gunsmoke “Two of a Kind” (1963)
The Avengers “Six Hands Across a Table” (1963)
The Andy Griffith Show “Andy Saves Gomer” (1964)
The Fugitive (1963) “May God Have Mercy” (1965)
Lost in Space “His Majesty Smith” (1966)
Batman “The Purr-Fect Crime (1)” (1966)
Batman “Caught in the Spider’s Den (2)” (1967)
Bewitched “The Crone of Cawdor” (1967)
F Troop “Carpetbagging, Anyone?” (1967)
Doctor Who “Fury from the Deep, Episode One” (1968)
Get Smart (1965) “Run, Robot, Run” (1968)
Hogan’s Heroes “The Ultimate Weapon” (1968)
Gunsmoke “Hackett” (1970)
Doctor Who “Death to the Daleks, Part Four” (1974)
The Six Million Dollar Man “The Bionic Woman (1)” (1975)
Laverne & Shirley “Once Upon a Rumor” (1976)
The Bionic Woman “The Dijon Caper” (1977)
The Dukes of Hazzard “Luke’s Love Story” (1979)
Lou Grant “Campesinos” (1981)
Doctor Who “Earthshock, Part Four” (1982)
Happy Days “Tell-Tale Tart” (1982)
Laverne & Shirley “Lightning Man” (1982)
Three’s Company “Paradise Lost” (1982)
Doctor Who “The King’s Demons, Part Two” (1983)
The Fall Guy “P.S. I Love You” (1983)
Family Ties “Suzanne Takes You Down” (1983)
Doctor Who “The Caves of Androzani, Part Four” (1984)
Doctor Who “Timelash, Part Two” (1985)
ALF “Going Out of My Head Over You” (1987)
Cheers “Hot Rocks” (1989)
The Cosby Show “Theo’s Women” (1989)
Murphy Brown “Rage Before Beauty” (1992)

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