February 28th

February 28th in TV History


Ilene Graff (1949, Brooklyn, NY) - Mr. Belvedere

TV Shows Ended

M*A*S*H (1983)

TV Episode Debuts

I Love Lucy "The Fashion Show" (1955)
Gunsmoke "The Bear" (1959)
The Rifleman "The Lost Treasure of Canyon Town" (1961)
The Twilight Zone "Printer's Devil" (1963)
The Twilight Zone "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" (1964)
The Andy Griffith Show "Eat Your Heart Out" (1966)
The Fugitive (1963) "Goodbye My Love" (1967)
Lost in Space "The Great Vegetable Rebellion" (1968)
Star Trek "The Cloud Minders" (1969)
Doctor Who "Doctor Who and the Silurians, Episode Five" (1970)
Hogan's Heroes "Kommandant Gertrude" (1971)
Cannon "The Seventh Grave" (1973)
The Rockford Files (1974) "Just by Accident" (1975)
Doctor Who "The Seeds of Doom, Part Five" (1976)
The Mary Tyler Moore Show "Sue Ann Falls in Love" (1976)
Happy Days "My Favorite Orkan" (1978)
Laverne & Shirley "The Obstacle Course" (1978)
Three's Company "Chrissy, Come Home" (1978)
Charlie's Angels "Teen Angels" (1979)
Mork & Mindy "Clerical Error" (1980)
Charlie's Angels "Stuntwomen Angels" (1981)
Doctor Who "Logopolis, Part One" (1981)
Three's Company "Forget Me Not" (1984)
The A-Team "Deadly Maneuvers" (1984)
Cheers "If Ever I Would Leave You" (1985)
Night Court "Mac and Quon Le: Together Again" (1985)
The Cosby Show "Back to the Track, Jack" (1985)
The Fall Guy "The Last Chance Platoon" (1986)
Murder, She Wrote "A Very Good Year for Murder" (1988)
Family Ties "Spring Reminds Me (a.k.a. Rosalie's Legacy)" (1988)
Night Court "Melvin and Harold" (1990)
Cheers "It's a Wonderful Wife" (1991)
The Cosby Show "No More Mr. Nice Guy" (1991)
Murder, She Wrote "Threshold of Fear" (1993)
Murphy Brown "Crime Story" (1994)

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