February 19th

February 19th in TV History

TV Episode Debuts

The Twilight Zone “Elegy” (1960)
The Rifleman “Two Ounces of Tin” (1962)
The Andy Griffith Show “Barney and the Choir” (1962)
The Addams Family (1964) “Amnesia in the Addams Family” (1965)
Doctor Who “Priest of Death” (1966)
Get Smart (1965) “Smart, the Assassin” (1966)
Gunsmoke “Wishbone” (1966)
I Dream of Jeannie “How Lucky Can You Get?” (1966)
The Avengers “A Touch of Brimstone” (1966)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea “No Escape from Death” (1967)
The Big Valley “Rimfire” (1968)
Gunsmoke “The First People” (1968)
I Spy (US) “Turnabout for Traitors” (1968)
The Andy Griffith Show “Helen’s Past” (1968)
The Avengers “Love All” (1969)
Bewitched “Serena Stops the Show” (1970)
Bewitched “George Washington Zapped Here (1)” (1972)
Doctor Who “The Curse of Peladon, Episode Four” (1972)
The Mary Tyler Moore Show “You Certainly Are a Big Boy” (1972)
Happy Days “The Deadly Dares” (1974)
Doctor Who “The Robots of Death, Part Four” (1977)
The Mary Tyler Moore Show “Murray Ghosts for Ted” (1977)
Lou Grant “Hit” (1979)
Mork & Mindy “Mork Meets Robin Williams” (1981)
Taxi “The Costume Party” (1981)
The Dukes of Hazzard “New Deputy in Town” (1982)
Night Court “Christine’s Friend” (1987)
The Cosby Show “You Only Hurt the One You Love” (1987)
Family Ties “Battle of the Sexes (1)” (1987)
Family Ties “Battle of the Sexes (2)” (1987)
L.A. Law “Fifty Ways to Floss Your Lover” (1987)
Murder, She Wrote “Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble” (1989)
Family Ties “My Best Friend’s Girl” (1989)
ALF “Mr. Sandman” (1990)
Murphy Brown “Bad Girls” (1990)
Murder, She Wrote “Film Flam” (1995)
Murphy Brown “Aftermath” (1996)

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