April 19th

April 19th in TV History

The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) started broadcasting. Their first program was “On the Corner” with Henry Morgan.

TV Episode Debuts

I Love Lucy “The Black Wig” (1954)
Gunsmoke “Hanging Man” (1958)
The Rifleman “Sins of the Father” (1960)
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea “The Traitor” (1965)
The Andy Griffith Show “Opie Flunks Arithmetic” (1965)
F Troop “A Fort’s Best Friend is Not a Mother” (1966)
The Fugitive (1963) “In a Plain Paper Wrapper” (1966)
Doctor Who “The War Games, Episode One” (1969)
The Six Million Dollar Man “The Coward” (1974)
Doctor Who “Revenge of the Cybermen, Part One” (1975)
Lou Grant “Fireworks” (1982)
Murder, She Wrote “The Days Dwindle Down” (1987)
Cheers “Mr. Otis Regrets” (1990)
The Cosby Show “The Moves” (1990)

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